Visual Attention and Saliency Mapping on Web Page Elements

Nowadays websites are part of everyday life and people want to use them intuitively. Therefore site owners invest a lot of money on design and usability in order to get the most users. Currently usability testing usually is done in laboratories of user experience. During the interaction with web sites, data is collected (such as video record of screen or face of the user, clicks and mouse movements and oculography data). Evaluation of the results of such a study is difficult. Experts evaluate the collected data manually. For the purpose of reducing the effort of experts would be good to automate these evaluations as much as possible.
In our work, we focus on the automated identification of salient DOM elements, areas of interest and user-friendliness (detect the correct deployment of DOM elements, detect F-model) website. Solution has to be verified in the laboratory user experience and interaction of the faculty.