Program 2016/2017

27-31.8. 2017, Como, Italy » RecSys 2017, Photos

  • Educational Question Routing in Online Student Communities
    by Jakub Macina, Ivan Srba, Joseph Jay Williams and Maria Bielikova – Full paper at RecSys
  • Beyond User Preferences: The Short-Term Behaviour Modelling
    by Michal Kompan, Ondrej Kaššák and Maria Bielikova – Paper at RecTemp Workshop

20-24.8. 2017, Wuppertal, Germany » ECEM 2017

  • Infrastructure and Methodology for Group Studies in Multiple Eye Trackers Laboratory
    by Martin Konopka, Robert Moro, Peter Demcak, Patrik Hlavac, Jozef Tvarozek, Jakub Simko, Eduard Kuric, Pavol Navrat and Maria Bielikova
  • Robust Recording of Program Comprehension Studies with Eye Tracking for Repeatable Analysis and Replay
    by Jozef Tvarozek, Martin Konopka, Jakub Hucko, Pavol Navrat and Maria Bielikova

9-12.7. 2017, FIIT STU » UMAP 2017

  • Behavioral Patterns Mining for Online Time Personalization
    by Tomas Chovanak, Ondrej Kassak, Maria Bielikova, Extended Abstract
  • Experiences Using an Interactive Presentation Platform in a Functional and Logic Programming Course
    by Vasileios Triglianos, Martin Labaj, Robert Moro, Jakub Simko, Michal Hucko, Jozef Tvarozek, Cesare Pautasso, Maria Bielikova – PALE 2017 workshop

9-10.7. 2017, FIIT STU » SMAP 2017

  • Sentiment Analysis of Social Network Posts in Slovak Language
    by Rastislav Krchňavý and Marián Šimko
  • Visual Pollution Localization through Crowdsourcing and Visual Similarity Clustering
    by Zuzana Kucharikova and Jakub Simko
  • Detecting Genuinely Read Parts of Web Documents
    by Patrik Hlaváč and Marián Šimko
  • Towards Adaptive Brain-Computer Interfaces: Improving Accuracy of Detection of Event-Related Potentials
    by Robert Moro, Patrik Berger and Maria Bielikova

20-22.6. 2017 » Bachelor Theses Defense

Wednesday, 21.6.2017,08:00, 1.40

  • Tomáš Bako: User behavior similarity identification for the session end prediction task
  • Natália Čuláková: Web site users’ behavioral trends analysis
  • Michal Kováčik: Innovative application for international competition
  • Jozef Mláka: Innovative application for international competition
  • Pavol Ondrejka: Innovative application for international competition
  • Branislav Pecher: Innovative application for international competition
  • Zdenka Záhumenská: Web site users’ behavioral trends analysis

Wednesday, 21.6.2017,08:00, 3.08

  • Lukáš Belaj: Tool for web usability testing
  • Erik Chodorčuk: Support for User Study moderation
  • Ronald Demeter: Eye-tracking data visualization
  • Michal Hucko: Discovering interesting moments from application usage data
  • Ondrej Kaščák: User experience and emotions
  • Christopher Liebe: Search engine keyword prediction based on user need derived from eye tracking
  • Ernest Loureiro: Tool for web usability testing
  • Jozef Melicherčík: Support for User Study moderation
  • Michal Melúch: Gaze visualization
  • Lukáš Meňhert: Vizualization of user activity in interactive application
  • Adrián Nagy: Tool for web usability testing
  • Lukáš Rešutík: Cognitive overload identification
  • Elena Štefancová: User experience and emotions

Wednesday, 21.6.2017,08:00, 4.08

  • Zuzana Bachárová: User behavior prediction
  • Martin Jakubík: Machine learning application for supporting behavior prediction
  • Ondrej Pitoňák: Advanced search and visualisation
  • Michal Puškáš: Advanced search and visualisation

Wednesday, 21.6.2017,14:00, 3.08

  • Martin Dzik: Slovak Text Reconstruction
  • Patrik Krupa: Visual Editor of Knowledge Base Data
  • Matúš Matula: Slovak Text Reconstruction
  • Barbora Ungerová: Visual Editor of Knowledge Base Data

Thursday, 22.6.2017, 08:00, 3.08

  • Michal Baňas: Multiplayer game based on eye baze
  • Patrik Beka: Identification of appealing elements in graphical interfaces
  • Gabriel Csöllei: Online interactive sketching board
  • Andrej Vitek: Generating test questions from essays

Thursday, 22.6.2017, 12:30, 1.40

  • Peter Bakonyi: Executable tutorials of data analysis
  • Štefan Grivalský: Natural language processing with neural networks
  • Jakub Janeček: Executable tutorials of data analysis
  • Lukáš Manduch: Active fight against spam
  • Martin Schnürer: Natural language processing with neural networks

Thursday, 22.6.2017, 13:00, 1.39

  • Ján Čegiň: Advanced software testing during development

Friday, 23.6.2017, 08:00, 3.08

  • Daniel Machajdík: Online support for essay writing
  • Milan Sobanský: Online visualization of source code development

17.6.2017, 9:00 – 24:00, FIIT STU » Measure Camp Bratislava II

13-14.6. 2017 » Diploma Theses Defense

Tuesday, 13.6.2017,08:00, 1.37

  • Jakub Benjamín Vrba: Automatic Segmentation of Screen Recordings for Scene Detection

Tuesday, 13.6.2017,08:00, 1.39

  • Martin Borák: Detection of Anti-social Behavior in Online Communities
  • Adrián Huňa: Supporting Question Answering Process by Utilizing Archives in Online Student Communities
  • Jakub Mačina: Recommendation of New Questions in Online Student Communities
  • Lukáš Marták: Modelling music structure using artificial neural networks
  • Dalibor Mészároš: Learning text representation for generating descriptions

Tuesday, 13.6.2017,08:00, 3.08

  • Jaroslav Gazdík: Collaborative support for problem solving in online programming

Tuesday, 13.6.2017,08:00, 4.08

  • Ondrej Čerman: Personalized recommendation of TV program
  • Tomáš Chovaňák: Recognition of Web user’s behavioral patterns
  • Matúš Cimerman: Stream analysis of incoming events using different data analysis methods
  • Tomáš Donko: Results analysis in the presentation of personalized recommendations
  • Peter Dubec: User web interaction enhanced with eye tracking
  • Lenka Kutlíková: Automatic Evaluation of Application Usability using Eye-Tracking.
  • Zuzana Kucháriková: Terrain data capture through mobile application: visual smog monitoring
  • Aleš Mäsiar: Eye-tracking in Human Computation

Wednesday, 14.6.2017, 8:00, 1.37

  • Ladislav Gallay: Automatic Text Similarity Computation
  • Jakub Gedera: Automatic Context-Based Text Reconstruction for Slovak
  • Jakub Mrocek: Analysis of Text Reading
  • Samuel Pecár: Ontology Learning from Text
  • Martin Štrbák: Analysing Text Complexity in Web-Based Enviroment

Wednesday, 14.6.2017, 8:00, 1.39

  • Adam Bacho: Usability of information visualizations in the process of knowledge discovery
  • Michal Korbeľ: Streamlining the web browsing based on user task identification
  • Monika Sanyová: HCI literacy estimation using eye tracking

21-23.5.2017, Plzeň, Czech Republic » Czech and Slovak Student Research Works Competition

  • Lukáš Marták: Modelling Music Structure using Artificial Neural Networks
  • Jakub Mačina: Recommendation of New Questions in Online Student Communities
  • Adrián Huňa: Automatic Answering of Students’ Questions by Using an Archive of Questions
  • Tomáš Chovaňák: Web User Behavioral Patterns Recognition in Online Time for Personalized Recommendation

16.5.2017, 14:00, 3.08 » Season Finale

4.5.2017, 10:00, U80 » PeWe Seminar

27.4.2017 » IIT.SRC 2017 Degree Program PeWe Members

  • BEKA Patrik: Determination of the Eye-catching Parts in Graphical Interfaces
  • ČULÁKOVÁ Natália: Web Site Users’ Behavioral Trends Analysis
  • HUCKO Michal: Clustering and Classification of Student’s Answers to Questions
  • CHODORČUK Erik, MELICHERČÍK Jozef: Effects of Instructions on User Studies
  • MELÚCH Michal: Application for Evaluation of Common Scanpath Algorithms
  • MEŇHERT Lukáš: Visualization of Student Activity in an Interactive Web-based Application
  • KOVÁČIK Michal, MLÁKA Jozef, ONDREJKA Pavol, PECHER Branislav: OCR and Analysis of Receipts at the Level of Individual Items
  • ŠTEFANCOVÁ Elena: Detection of Usability Mistakes by Measuring Emotions with EEG and Facial Expressions

Master Degree Program PeWe Members

Doctoral Degree Program PeWe Members

TP CUP teams with PeWe Members

  • BALÁŽOVÁ Veronika et al.: BeaCode: Indoor Navigation Providing Position Related Information
  • GONDOVÁ Veronika, MATLOVIČ Tomáš et al.: eMotion: Emotion Management and Mood Recognition Framework
  • JUHANIAK Tomáš, KREN Michal, KRCHŇAVÝ Rastislav et al. : WebX: A System for Automated Web Extraction
  • HURAJT Miroslav, OLEJÁR Martin, ONDIK Jakub et al.: StoryTeller: Software Requirements Gathering and Evaluation
  • RAFAJDUS Adam et al. : Semantic Search in Old Press
  • ČERVENKA Matej, DRAGÚŇOVÁ Mária, SALÁT Matúš et al.: SmartStore – Automated Optimization of Warehouse

20.4.2017, 10:00, U80 » PeWe Seminar

  • [Invited] Martin Kurpa (ui42): Usability testing – best practices [presentation available in internal pewe space]

11.4.2017, 14:00, 3.08 » Doctoral dissertation defense

  • Róbert Móro: Navigation Leads for Exploratory Search and Navigation in Digital Libraries

7.4.2017, 12:00 – 4:44 » OntoParty

  • Keynote by Pavol Bielik: Learning from “Big Code”
  • Presentations
  • Experiments
  • Quiz
  • SeBe 16.0: Academic Community Session
  • … and many more

7.4.2017, 13:00, FIIT, Aula Minor » Lecture

6.4.2017, 13:00, 3.08 » Doctoral Dissertation Pre-defense

  • Róbert Móro: Navigation Leads for Exploratory Search and Navigation in Digital Libraries

6.4.2017, 10:00, U80 » PeWe Seminar

30.3.2017, 10:00, U80 » PeWe Seminar

24.3.2017, 13:00, FMFI, Aula C » Lecture

23.3.2017, 10:00, U80 » PeWe Seminar

16.3.2017, 10:00, U80 » PeWe Seminar

13-16.3.2017 » IUI 2017, Limassol

  • Mária Dragúňová, Róbert Móro, Mária Bieliková: Measuring Visual Search Ability on the Web

9.3.2017, 10:00, U80 » PeWe Seminar

2.3.2017, 10:00, U80 » PeWe Seminar

tomas juhaniak pewe veronika gondova pewematus pikuliak pewe martin borak pewe

2.3.2017, 9:00, Aula Magna » Softecon

  • Peter Lacko (FIIT STU): Deep Neural Networks and their Use for Real Problems
  • Ján Lutner (Innovatrics): Deep Learning in Practice
  • … and many more


1.3.2017, 13:00, 2.06 » Habilitation Defense and Lecture

  • Márián Šimko: Information Modelling and Extraction for Intelligent (Slovak) Web

28.2.2017, 17:45, Aula Magna » Lecture

23.2.2017, 3.08 » PeWe Seminar

16.2.2017 » PeWe Seminar

8.2.2017, 13:00, 3.08 » Doctoral Dissertation Defense

  • Márius Šajgalík: Modelling Text Semantics

7.2.2017, 14:00, 3.08 » Doctoral Dissertation Pre-defense

  • Márius Šajgalík: Modelling Text Semantics

31.1.2017, 15:20, 3.08 » Dissertation Project III Defense

  • Patrik Hlaváč: Human Behaviour in the Digital Space of the Web

11.1.2017,13:00, 3.08 » UXI Seminar

  • Jozef Tvarožek, Martin Konôpka: Eyetracking and Program Comprehension

15.12.2016, 3.08 » Autumn Semester Finale: Seminar on Visions (diploma projects proposals)
Diploma projects proposals (2 mins pitch)

Highlights from conference

Annotating challange reminder (1 min)

1.12.2016 » PeWe Seminar

26.11.2016, 12:30 – 4:44 » 20th Anniversary OntoParty

  • Keynote by Michal Barla: From Ideas to Products – where we fail…
  • Márius Šajgalík: Tensorflow – tutorial and handson
  • Metod Rybár and Róbert Móro: Statistics – hands on
  • Upcoming diploma theses showcase
  • Imagine Cup Ideas
  • SeBe 15.0: Academic Community Session
  • … and many more

24.11.2016 » PeWe Seminar

10.11.2016, 15:00, 3.08 » Doctoral dissertation defense

10.11.2016, 10:00, -1.57 » PeWe Seminar

10.11.2016, 9:00-13:00, -1.58 » World Usability Day 2016

wud2016-robo-wanda_o wud2016-mb_o wud2016-robo_o

8.11.2016, 13:30, 3.08 » Doctoral dissertation pre-defense

  • Jakub Sevcech: Towards Symbolic Representation of Potentially Infinite Time Series

3.-4.11.2016 » WIKT/DaZ 2016

  • Keynote – Peter Lacko, Michal Barla, Márius Šajgalík: Solving (Non-)standard Machine Learning Tasks by Deep Learning
  • Tutorial – Jakub Ševcech, Peter Laurinec, Ondrej Kaššák: R vs. Python – which one fits you best?
  • Karol Rástočný, Martin Konopka, Maria Bielikova, Pavol Navrat: DevACTs: Collecting and Evaluating Developers’ Activities, Tasks and Source Code
  • Ivan Srba, Maria Bielikova: Supporting knowledge sharing in educational courses by means of CQA system Askalot
  • Robert Moro, Jakub Simko, Peter Gaspar, Tomas Matlovic, Jozef Tvarozek, Maria Bielikova: EEG and Face Recognition: Comparison of Approaches for Emotion Detection
  • Martin Svrček, Michal Kompan: Presentation of personalized recommendations
  • Maria Bielikova, Pavol Navrat, Jakub Simko, Jozef Tvarozek, Michal Barla, Robert Moro, Eduard Kuric, Martin Labaj, Martin Konopka: Project HIBER: deeper knowledge about user behaviour
  • Patrik Hlaváč, Mária Bieliková: Impact of Characteristics of Individuals on Evaluating the Quantitative Studies


2.11.2016 » Project HIBER worksop

  • E-shop domain scenarios
  • Infrastructure, data processing methods, methodology
  • Brainstorming of research questions

27.10.2016 » PeWe Seminar

25-26.10.2016 » Colloquium on Multiple Eye Tracker Classrooms, Lund

  • Mária Bieliková, Róbert Móro, Jakub Šimko: Multiple Eyetracker Lab in Bratislava – Research and Education Challenges and First Experiences

20.10.2016 » PeWe Seminar

20-21.10.2016 » SMAP 2016, Thessaloniki

  • Matej Kloska and Marián Šimko: Towards Efficient Concept Map Authoring for Capturing Document Semantics
  • Tomáš Matlovič, Peter Gašpar, Robert Móro, Jakub Šimko and Mária Bieliková: Emotions Detection Using Facial Expressions Recognition and EEG
  • Metod Rybár and Mária Bieliková: Automated Detection of User Deception in On-line Questionnaires with Focus on Eye Tracking Use

14.10.2016 » Openslava

  • Roman Gavuliak and Michal Barla: Machine Learning Learnings (FMFI UK, Room “A”)
  • Alina Catalina Banuleasa, Maria Bielikova, Alena Kanabova, Denise Glasscock: Women in IT: Shifting Stereotypes (Turing Lecture Hall, -1.58)

13.10.2016 » PeWe Seminar

6.10.2016 » PeWe Seminar

29.9.2016, 13:00, Aula Minor » Presentation

29.9.2016 » PeWe Seminar

pewe2016-09-27-01 pewe2016-09-27-12

29.9.-1.10.2016 » HrTAL 2016, Dubrovnik

  • Matúš Pikuliak, Marián Šimko: Towards Relationship Extraction from Text Using Word Embeddings.

27.9.2016 » ICT Proposers’ Day, Bratislava, Slovakia

22.9.2016 » PeWe Seminar


19-25.9.2016 » ECML-PKDD 2016, Riva del Grada

13-16.9.2016 » EC-TEL 2016, Lyon

  • Gondová, Veronika – Labaj, Martin – Bieliková, Mária. Personalized Rooms Based Recommendation as a Mean for Increasing Students’ Activity. Poster.

15-19.9.2016 » RecSys 2016, Boston

  • Kompan, Michal. Recommender Systems in PeWe.

5-7.9.2016 » ENIC 2016, Wroclaw

  • Gašpar, Peter – Šimko, Jakub. Linking Multimedia to Microblogs for Metadata Extraction.

28-31.8.2016 » ADBIS 2016, Prague

  • Kaššák, Ondrej – Kompan, Michal – Bieliková, Mária. Short-term User Behaviour Changes Modelling. Doctoral Consortium.

18-22.7.2016 » WebST 2016, Bilbao

  • Peter Gašpar, Matúš Pikuliak attended International Summer School on Web Science and Technology

13-16.7.2016 » UMAP 2016, Halifax

  • Juhaniak, Tomáš – Hlaváč, Patrik – Móro, Róbert – Šimko, JakubBieliková, Mária. Pupillary Response: Removing Screen Luminosity Effects for Clearer Implicit Feedback. Poster.
  • Hlaváč, Patrik. Impact of characteristics of individuals on evaluating the quantitative studies. Doctoral Consortium.