PeWe Family

What we do?

Datalys is a research subgroup of PeWe at Informatics and Software Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies. It consists of postdoc, several doctoral students and their master and bachelor students. We focus on the data analysis, machine learning in the scale of big data volumes, recommender system, various domains and purposes. Members are participating in various research and application projects across the faculty.

A new paper in the IEEE Intelligent Systems Journal

Our group has a new publication record. The paper proposes a user model for the customer churn prediction in the e-commerce domain. Our […]


A new paper in the Computers & Education

Our group has a new publication record. It is a paper which was created as one of many results achieved within our cooperation […]


Ontožúr date and place confirmed

Our spring PeWe workshop date and place is confirmed – Ontožúr is going to be held on Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies […]

A new paper in the Journal on Data Semantics

Our group has a new publication record. It is a paper based primarily on our long term research in the domain of the […]


My experience from IJCAI-ECAI 2018  [source NN Group]

In this post I summarize my experience from a conference I attended last year in July – IJCAI-ECAI 2018. It was held in […]


Deep Learning Specialization

Deep learning became very popular research area of machine learning in recent years and is used in many research areas like natural language […]


Being a Summer student at CERN

Have you ever been curious about what those guys at CERN do? Are they producing black holes? Or creating time travel machines? Yes […]


Our participation in student research competition – SVOC 2017 in Pilsen

Based on results presented on our student research conference IIT.SRC 2017, representative works from each category were nominated and their authors offered participation […]