International Conference and Workshop papers 2005 and before

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  • KOSTELNÍK, Radovan – BIELIKOVÁ, Mária (2003). Web-Based Environment using Adapted Sequences of Programming Exercises. In Proc. of Information Systems Implementation and Modelling – ISIM 2003. M. Beneš (Ed.). MARQ Ostrava, Brno, April 28-30, pp. 33-40.
  • DOLOG, Peter – BIELIKOVÁ, Mária (2002). Navigation Modelling in Adaptive Hypermedia. In Proc. of Int. Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia – AH 2002. P. De Bra, P. Brusilovsky, R. Conejo (Eds.). Springer Verlag, LNCS 2347, Málaga Spain, May 29-31, 2002, pp. 586-591.
  • BIELIKOVÁ, Mária (2001). Adaptive Presentation of Evolving Information Using XML. In Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies – ICALT 2001, T. Okamoto, R. Hartley, Kinshuk, J.P. Klus (Eds.), IEEE Press. Madison, Wisconsin, August 6-8, pp. 193-196.

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