Program 2019/20 – joint Datalys, UXI, NN

Seminars run in three groups separately. In this page we list just joint seminars and other activities for broader audience.

[Datalys, Room 1.31, each Wednesday 12:30]
[UXI, Room 2.06, each Wednesday 12:45]
[NN, Room 4.08, each Monday 12:30]

16.10.2019, -1.65 (Aula Minor), 12:45 » PeWe Seminar

  • Ruzena Bajcsy: Scientific Methods in the Era of Big Data and Machine Learning

In this presentation I will try to argue the importance of System identification, Careful experimentation and rigorous Data analysis when one collects large data sets. Because we can collect large data due to inexpensive memory, it behooves the scientific community to pay attention to the quality of data, to the repeatability of the experiments, and to the robustness of the results and to the validation of models with reality.

9.10.2019, -1.65 (Aula Minor), 12:45 » PeWe Seminar

25.9.2019, -1.65 (Aula Minor), 12:45 » PeWe Seminar