More accepted papers to Summer and Autumn 2014 Scientific Conferences and Workshops

  • Jakub Ševcech and Mária Bieliková: Data Streams Representation Using Repeating Patterns as Symbols. IDA 2014 – First Look Track
  • Ľubomír Vnenk and Mária Bieliková: Searcher’s Activity in Standalone and Web Applications as a Source for Search Query Expansion. ENIC 2014
  • Róbert Móro, Jakub Daráž, and Mária Bieliková: Visualization of Gaze Tracking Data for UX Testing on the Web. DataWiz@HT 2014
  • Michal Kompan and Mária Bieliková: Voting Based Group Recommendation: How Users Vote. SP@HT 2014
  • Michal Holub, Róbert Móro, Jakub Ševcech, Martin Lipták, and Mária Bieliková: Annota: Towards Enriching Scientific Publications with Semantics and User Annotations. WOSP@DL 2014