A Visit from the Technical University of Košice

On January 29 we hosted Lukáš Galko, a PhD student at the Technical University of Košice supervised by doc. Ing. Jaroslav Porubän, PhD., who came to visit our research center to familiarize himself with all the available equipment in our laboratories. This was the first opportunity for Lukáš to experiment with Tobii eye tracking devices on his own. We presented our laboratories set up to Lukáš and discussed possibilities how he may employ eye tracking technology in his research. Lukáš studies the effect of use of multiple displays on efficiency of a user in work with a computer, whether it makes him or her more effective for a specific task, combined with evaluation of large touch-enabled screen displays. We discussed with Lukáš how he may use Tobii eye trackers to monitor a user’s eye gaze on multiple screens and how to set up such experiment in Tobii Studio or our own infrastructure. Lukáš was also interested in our research center on behalf of his colleagues at the university who may utilize it in their research, since we are open to collaborate with other research institutions.

It was our pleasure to host Lukáš, we wish him all the best in his research and we welcome him and his colleagues at the Technical University of Košice for further research collaboration.