PeWe member part of winning team at Datahack

On Friday and Saturday (22. – 23. April 2016) a hackathon took place on FIIT STU in cooperation with many non-government organisations and media (Nadácia Petit Academy,, Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti, Nadácia Zastavme korupciu,  Themes of Datahack were fight against corruption and exploiting hoaxes.

Total of nine teams consisting from 2 to 4 members produced interesting results, varying from search tools to data visualization and analysis. Three teams were chosen as victors, each for different reason. One of the winning teams produced visualization of rentability of investments into universities and time that took for professors to acquire their degree. This was awarded as most innovative.

Second winner created tool to visualize and analyse history of belongings and connections to business of public servants and was most interesting for members of media, as this can help them to point out interesting changes of politicians belongings. That was also the reason for their award.

Third winning team created search engine to help more easily search for belongings of companies and citizens. Member of this winning team was also a PeWe member. Their solution was awarded for biggest potential for society impact.

Special award was also given to three first year junior students of FIIT STU for their enthusiasm and innovative thinking.

Our member rated Datahack as inspirative and useful, both for participants and organizers. He and his team members met just on the first day of the Datahack and concept of their solution was created just on the end of first day and non of them expected to win the Datahack, Therefore they were pleased that heir work is useful and can have big impact according to the judges.