The Impact of Images on User´s Behavior on the Web

There is a great number of information on the Internet which is in the form of an image. Especially in online stores, images enrich products with visual aspect, which is crucial for users while deciding. Recommender systems attempt to suggest items which attract the user. Nowadays, for creating recommendations, mostly text information is used. However, they can’t describe the properties of the item accurately. Inclusion of images into the output of recommender’s systems seems to be the way to overcome this issue and may lead to an improvement in accuracy of recommendations.
In the Bachelor thesis we study the potential of the image and the information involved in it. We describe basics of recommender systems and capture current researches which examine the usage of images to make existing methods more efficient. We observe the behavior of the user while displaying text and image information. At the very end, the thesis contains a method for the evaluation of these behavioral changes.