UXI@FIIT – User Experience and Interaction Research Centre

The User Experience and Interaction Research Centre (UXI@FIIT) is a research centre established under the Institute of Informatics and Software Engineering of the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

The mission of the centre is to commence research and gather and share know-how in the fields of user modelling, user experience, human-software interaction, eye-tracking, adaptation including personalization and personalized recommendation.

The centre’s infrastructure comprises multiple types of sensors, with most prominent being the eye-trackers. The centre is divided into two labs:

  1. The lab for detailed monitoring of a single user’s behavior for variety of user devices.
  2. The classroom-style lab for simultaneous monitoring of behaviour of groups of users.

The labs are staffed with researchers and technicians having extended expertise in aforementioned fields and capable of commencing variety of experiments and studies.

The centre hosts a multitude of research projects. These include analysis of user feedback in web applications, automated processing eye tracking data with machine learning methods, dynamic regions of interest on the Web, automatic measurements of application learnability, detection of deception in questionnaire filling, employment of eye-tracking in crowdsourcing, and more.

The labs are also a vital part of education at the faculty. The students are able to utilize the lab for evaluation of their final theses. Classes are also being held in the group lab.

The centre invites students and academic researchers to conduct their research, to participate on projects and to consult in its labs. The conditions and requirements for utilizing the labs, can be found here. For consulting options of any possible collaboration, do not hesitate to contact the centre’s staff.