PeWe Family

What we do?

PeWe (Personalized Web) is a research group at the Institute of Informatics, Information Systems and Software Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies (FIIT STU) established in 1999. It is concerned to the new trends in adaptive social web with semantics, which allow text and data analysis, processing and personalized presentation of information in various domains. We research methods of text and data analysis, strongly focused on machine learning in various domains including text mining and text processing, recommendation, user feedback analysis. For user implicit feedback we use also various sensors, mainly eyetrackers. Everybody interested in is welcome.

In autumn term of 2019/20 meetings will take place every week on Monday 14:00 (NN) or Wednesday 12:45 (Datalys and UXI). We have either joint seminar for all three subgroups on Wednesday (room will be announced), or three seminars on main PeWe topics:
Datalys – Wednesday, 12:45 (1.31 – software studio),
User Experience and Interaction – Wednesday, 12:45 (2.06 – meeting room) and
Neural Networks – Monday, 14:00 (4.08 – meeting room).

Ontožúr date and place confirmed

Our autumn PeWe workshop date and place is confirmed – Ontožúr is going to be held on Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies […]


Participation at Conference for Truth and Trust Online 2019

A member of our PeWe research group, Róbert Móro, participated at the first edition of Conference for Truth and Trust Online, which took place […]


Participation at Dagstuhl seminar

A member of our PeWe research group, Ivan Srba, participated at Dagstuhl seminar Cybersafety Threats – from Deception to Aggression, which took place during […]

Poster presented at ROME Workshop at SIGIR 2019

A poster paper entitled Monant: Universal and Extensible Platform for Monitoring, Detection and Mitigation of Antisocial Behaviour was accepted to the Workshop on Reducing Online Misinformation […]

Generalization of User Characteristics Identification Methods Using Eyetracking

User characteristics can affect the success and effectiveness of performing tasks on the system. Based on the user model, it is possible to […]


My experience from IJCAI-ECAI 2018 [datalys]

In this post I summarize my experience from a conference I attended last year in July – IJCAI-ECAI 2018. It was held in […]


Inference of user characteristics based on scanpaths

Filling in questionnaires takes a lot of time to evaluate user characteristics. It has been shown, that i tis possible to determine the values […]


Identification of User Confusion in a Web Application

Web applications are daily visited by everyone of us. There is variety of users from novice ones to experts. While filling our needs […]