PeWe Family

What we do?

PeWe (Personalized Web) is a research group at the Institute of Informatics and Software Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies established in 1999. It is concerned to the new trends in design, development and use of adaptive social web-based systems with semantics, which allow personalized presentation of information in various domains. Everybody interested in adaptation and personalization questions in web-based systems, adaptive, semantic and social web is welcome.

In autumn term of 2016/17 meetings will take place in the Turing Lecture Room (-1.58) at the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies every Thursday at 10:00. Meet-up time is 9:50.


Autumn Semester PeWe Seminars

PeWe seminar is scheduled for every Thursday 10:00-11:30 (Turing lecture room -1.58). Meetup time is 9:50.  


Proceedings in Informatics and Information Technologies – 19th Spring 2016 PeWe Workshop

We would like to introduce our Proceedings in Informatics and Information Technologies of 19th Spring 2016 PeWe Workshop which was realized in Marianka […]


Slovak Student Startup Cup 2016

Andrej Švec has become absolute winner of Slovak Student Startup Cup 2016 with project moderateIT. He is going to represent us at University […]


PeWe members participated at NetCla: The ECML-PKDD Network Classification Challenge [datalys]

PeWe members Jakub Ševcech and Ondrej Kaššák in cooperation with Marek Lóderer participated at NetCla: The ECML-PKDD Network Classification Challenge. The team finished at 4th […]


ENIC 2016 – The Third European Network Intelligence Conference

We presented our paper – Linking Multimedia to Microblogs for Metadata Extraction – on ENIC 2016. Conference programme was focused on different kind […]


My first UX study []

In my thesis, we deal with the recommendations. Personalized recommendations are widely used and very popular. However, one of the basic problems is […]


Mind-Controlled Application, Bachelor Thesis []

In my Bachelor thesis we tried to classify emotions from EEG signal captured by Emotiv EPOC device. Firstly we analyzed the methods for classification […]


Ontoparty From One Perspective []

Last Ontoparty was for me first of a kind. It took place in spring of 2016 in this magic travelling place called Pútnicke […]