Current Members

Doctoral Staff

Data Analysis, Mining and Machine Learning subgroup (PeWe.Datalys)

  • Peter Gašpar (doctoral student)
  • Martin Labaj (doctoral student)
  • Samuel Pecár (doctoral student)
  • Veronika Balážová (senior master student)
  • Patrik Berger (senior master student)
  • Martin Černák (senior master student)
  • Ondrej Čičkán (senior master student)
  • Monika Filipčíková (senior master student)
  • Juraj Flamík (senior master student)
  • Veronika Gondová (senior master student)
  • Mário Hunka (senior master student)
  • Michal Kren (senior master student)
  • Rastislav Krchňavý (senior master student)
  • Martin Mocko (senior master student)
  • Marek Roštár (senior master student)
  • Matúš Salát (senior master student)
  • Matej Schwartz (senior master student)
  • Lukáš Skala (senior master student)
  • Martin Šrank (senior master student)
  • Filip Vozár (senior master student)
  • Peter Zajac (senior master student)
  • Michaela Balážová (bachelor student)
  • Patrik Blanárik (bachelor student)
  • Marek Drahoš (bachelor student)
  • Lam Tuan Dung (bachelor student)
  • Richard Galeštok (bachelor student)
  • Kamil Janeček (bachelor student)
  • Tomáš Jendrejčák (bachelor student)
  • Matúš Kalafut (bachelor student)
  • Michaela Kolesíková (bachelor student)
  • Matej Končál (bachelor student)
  • Ľubomír Koprla (bachelor student)
  • Júlia Krajčoviechová (bachelor student)
  • Michal Maňak (bachelor student)
  • Peter Ocelík (bachelor student)
  • Pejchalová Lenka (bachelor student)
  • Matej Sojka (bachelor student)
  • Andrej Zaťko (bachelor student)
  • Veronika Žatková (bachelor student)

Neural Networks group (PeWe.NN)

  • Michal Farkaš (doctoral student)
  • Matúš Pikuliak (doctoral student)
  • Adam Rafajdus (senior master student)
  • Andrej Švec (senior master student)
  • Adam Kňaze (bachelor student)
  • Veronika Vejčíková (bachelor student)

User Experience and Interaction group (PeWe.UXI)

  • Patrik Hlaváč (doctoral student)
  • Martin Konôpka (doctoral student)
  • Martin Svrček (doctoral student)
  • Matej Červenka (senior master student)
  • Mária Dragúňová (senior master student)
  • Tomáš Juhaniak (senior master student)
  • Ondřej Kipila (senior master student)
  • Sandra Kostova (senior master student)
  • Tomáš Matlovič (senior master student)
  • Martin Mokrý (senior master student)
  • Dániel Papp (senior master student)
  • Martina Redajová (senior master student)
  • Filip Šandor (senior master student)
  • Patrik Brandýs (bachelor student)
  • Matej Brečka (bachelor student)
  • Milan Cák (bachelor student)
  • Samuel Gedera (bachelor student)
  • Ján Hanko (bachelor student)
  • Jakub Hubert (bachelor student)
  • Michal Krajčovič (bachelor student)
  • Jakub Kubanyi (bachelor student)
  • Peter Lipták (bachelor student)
  • Boris Naništa (bachelor student)
  • Katarína Rafčíková (bachelor student)
  • Michal Sojka (bachelor student)
  • Adam Talian (bachelor student)
  • Matúš Tundér (bachelor student)
  • Veronika Včelková (bachelor student)
  • Jakub Veselý (bachelor student)
  • Ján Vnenčák (bachelor student)

Imagine Cup

  • Dávid Majerčák (bachelor student)
  • Daniela Sitárová (bachelor student)
  • Andrej Slaninka (bachelor student)
  • Martin Žák (bachelor student)


In the case of need you can use group email alias “ at fiit”. By fiit we mean “”.

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