Access to Labs

For researchers outside the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Researchers and practitioners from outside the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava wishing to collaborate on research or access the centre’s labs, are kindly requested to contact one of the core staff members with their proposals.

For students and university staff

Students and other university staff members wishing to access the centre’s labs are kindly requested to elaborate a study (experiment) proposal and sent it to one of the responsible staff members. Our staff will evaluate the proposal, consult it with the applicant, make decision about its acceptance and negotiate the schedule of the study.

The description of the study should contain the following:

  • Title. Title of the study or experiment.
  • Date. The proposed date or dates during which the study should take place.
  • Experiment conductor. The name of the principal researcher conducting the experiment. Please list also other participating researchers.
  • Supervisor. The name of supervisor of the researcher conducting the experiment (applicable especially to students).
  • Short description: 100-200 words describing the study.
  • Elaborate the formal description of the study based on following template (in Slovak).

The descriptions of ongoing and past projects are kept . Therefore, it is required to elaborate them in the highest quality possible. Here are some of the reasons, why we strongly encourage our students to do so:

  • An academic should be committed to share his knowledge and lessons learned in order to improve the experiment designs in the future (either his own or those of his colleagues).
  • A formal protocol of the experiment is always a useful attachment of the thesis (bachelor, master or doctoral) and will be much appreciated (if not demanded) by the state exams committees.
  • An experiment protocol is a means of gaining feedback on the experiment design and evaluation (you will benefit from the comments and experiences of a wider range of researchers that specialize in this area)
  • Last but not least, the description and the protocol is the only way how to gain access to the labs