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research of methods utilizing eye-tracking either as the means of human-computer interaction or as the means for implicit feedback collection

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User Studies

examining the user behavior and experience during the use of information systems, web applications, mobile applications and multimedia

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design of adaptive, personalized and interactive software systems

21th PeWe Workshop is over

On April 7, 2017 our regular PeWe workshop took place on Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies in Bratislava.


Our member Ivan Srba in media

Read an interview with Ivan Srba in Pravda newspaper: IT expert works with projects on collective wisdom and also stupidity.  


Ontožúr date and place confirmed

Our spring PeWe workshop date and place is confirmed – Ontožúr is going to be held on Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies […]


Our PeWe Seminar again in Thursday morning

In spring term of 2016/17 meetings will take place in the Babbage Lecture Room (-1.57) at the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies […]


Kúzelný svet inšpirovaný Harry Potterom testuje dôveru k robotom

Študenti Fakulty informatiky a informačných technológií STU vytvorili počítačovú hru, ktorá neslúži len pre zábavu, ale získava tiež dáta pre ďalší výskum. science.sk […]


Introduction to NLP at Coursera

This blog is about Coursera’s course called Introduction to Natural Language Processing by prof. Radev. I participated in and completed this course in […]


moderateIT participated in USWC ’16 in Copenhagen

After winning Slovak Student Startup Cup 2016, we were sent on a mission to represent Slovakia in University Startup World Cup in Copenhagen. […]


My first UX study

In my thesis, we deal with the recommendations. Personalized recommendations are widely used and very popular. However, one of the basic problems is […]