Deep Learning Specialization

Deep learning became very popular research area of machine learning in recent years and is used in many research areas like natural language processing, computer vision etc.

Deep learning specialization at Coursera offers comprehensive introduction to this area by Andrew Ng. This specialization is divided into 16 weeks and 5 courses and should completely cover basics of deep learning. Each course consist of many videos and also every week ends with test and assignments.

First course of this specialization is focused on basics of neural networks and deep learning. It covers basic steps like forward and backward propagation and hyperparameters. The second course tries to explain role of hyperparameters and how to tone them to achieve better performance of neural network. Third course of deep learning specialization is in form of case studies and tries to teach how to identify and understand problems in deep learning. The last two courses are focused on specific area of neural networks: convolutional and sequence models. Course of convolutional neural networks offers comprehensive introduction while many its aspects are described well enough. In sequence models, we can learn differences between types of sequence models and also learn about tasks where sequence models are used.

I consider this Deep Learning Specialization as very useful and recommend it to beginners in area of neural networks and deep learning. I can be also useful for advanced users but it also covers absolute basics what can be exhausting.

Courses in Deep learning specialization:

  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization
  • Structuring Machine Learning Projects
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Sequence Models

Ja hodnotím celú špecializáciu pozitívne, aj keď trošku ma sklamalo spracovanie práve sekvenčných modelov, ktoré sú pre mňa najdôležitejšie a boli pokryté dosť povrchne, pričom väčšinu som už vedel. Celkovo tú špecializáciu ale hodnotím pozitívne. Kurzy sú vhodné pre najmä začiatočníkov, čiastočne pre mierne pokročilých. Pre pokročilejších ľudí je vhodných iba málo častí, keďže väčšinu vecí už ovládajú.

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