The User Experience and Interaction Research Centre offers its infrastructure and know-how for conducting research activities such as:

  • Design of adaptive, personalized and interactive software systems
  • User studies examining the user behaviour and experience during the use of information systems, web applications, mobile applications and multimedia. The studies can consider individual participants or groups of participants (with up to 20 members). As such, these studies can be used for
    • exploration of user preferences
    • evaluation of user interface designs
    • evaluation of new methods and models emerging from computer science research
  • Research of methods utilizing the eye-tracking and other sensors either as the means of human-computer interaction or as the means for implicit feedback collection (especially for applications with adaptation and personalization features)
  • Research of software evaluation methodologies that utilizes eye-tracking and other sensors
  • Harvesting large quantities of user activity data (e.g. gaze, mouse movement)
  • Research of methods for advanced data analysis

Please consult the labs’ access conditions (in Slovak) or contact our staff directly, in order to utilize lab services.