UXI Sensor Lab equipment and software


  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2 with 100 Hz sampling frequency
  • Tobii TX300 eye-tracker, with 300 Hz sampling frequency
  • Tobii X2-60 eye-tracker, with 60 Hz sampling frequency
  • Tobii stand for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), for the X2-60 eye-tracker
  • Emotiv EEG headset for monitoring of synaptic potentials of neurons of the brain
  • Wireless TEA physiological sensors: EKG, galvanic skin response, temperature, breathing, pressure
  • Creative Senz3D depth camera for face feature identification and identification of basic emotions
  • The lab’s space is designed as 3 rooms, with the middle room serving as an observation and experiment management room, from where the side rooms (where sensors are installed) can be observed
  • Standard (desktop) computer workstations for researchers and experiments participants
  • A TV set with a stand for placing a X2-60 eye-tracker to eye-track the viewer


  • Tobii Studio – a tool for analysis of the eye-tracking data (works with TX-300 and X2-60 sensors)
  • TEA Captiv 7000 – a tool for analysis of the physiologic sensor data and for multiple data stream synchronization
  • EEG Emotiv – analytics tools for EEG data
  • Noldus observer – analysis of basic emotions and processing of research data
  • Luxand FaceSDK – for user identification and face feature recognition

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