Students’ Research Works – Autumn 2016

Data Analysis, Mining and Machine Learning (PeWe.Data)

Recommenders (PeWe.Rec)

Text Processing and Search (PeWe.Text)

User Experience and Implicit Feedback (PeWe.UX)

Doctoral Staff

bielikovaMária Bieliková
web personalization, user/user groups and contexts modelling, usability and user experience (and HCI in general)
barlaMichal Barla
user modeling, implicit user feedback, virtual communities, collaborative surfing
simkomMarián Šimko
domain modelling, ontologies, folksonomies, semantic text analysis, Web-based Learning 2.0
jtvarozekJozef Tvarožek
student modelling, social intelligent learning, collaborative learning, user experience
kompanMichal Kompan
single user and group recommendation, satisfaction modeling
simkojJakub Šimko
crowdsourcing, games with a purpose, semantics acquisition, Web-based learning
Eduard KuricEduard Kuric
user experience, web personalization, online/remote usability testing, designing user interfaces
simkojKarol Rástočný
software modeling, unit testing, software metrics, (ontologies and linked data)
Ivan SrbaIvan Srba
collective intelligence, technology-enhanced learning, community question answering, recommender systems