Accepted papers to Summer 2009 Int. Scientific Conferences and Workshops

  • Peter Bartalos: Semantic Web Service Composition Framework Based on Parallel Processing. Web Services Challenge 2009 at CEC 2009
  • Peter Bartalos, Mária Bieliková: Fast and Scalable Semantic Web Service Composition Approach Considering Complex Pre/Postconditions. WCSA 2009 at ICWS 2009
  • Jozef Tvarožek, Mária Bieliková: The Friend: Socially-Intelligent Tutoring and Collaboration. AIED 2009 Doctoral Consortium
  • Marián Šimko, Mária Bieliková: Automatic Concept Relationships Discovery for an Adaptive E-course. EDM 2009
  • Marián Šimko: Leveraging Lightweight Semantics for Search Improvement. HT 2009 – ACM Student Research Competition
  • Michal Tvarožek: Personalized Semantic Web Exploration Based on Adaptive Faceted Browsing. HT 2009 – ACM Student Research Competition