Accepted papers to the Student Research Conference – IIT.SRC 2011

Accepted papers to the Student Research Conference – IIT.SRC 2011

Bachelor students

  • Balazs Nagy: Acquisition of Semantic Metadata via Interactive Games
  • Róbert Horváth: Supporting Term Explanation while Browsing in Slovak
  • Jakub Ševcech: Automatic Web Content Annotation
  • Pavol Bielik, Peter Krátky, Štefan Mitrík, Michal Tomlein: Motivating Children to Increase Physical Activity by Means of Reward
  • Máté Fejes: Concept-Cloud Navigation in Educational Web-Based System

Master students

  • Martin Jačala: An Approach to Named Entity Disambiguation Based on Explicit Semantics
  • Michal Lohnický: An Approach to Photo Album Visualization as a Collection of Memories and Experiences
  • Eduard Kuric: Automatic Photo Annotation Based on Visual Content Analysis
  • Marián Hönsch: Detecting User Communities Based on Latent and Dynamic Interest on a News Portal
  • Tomáš Majer: Leveraging Microblogs for Resource Ranking
  • Martin Virík: Recognizing Writing Style in Slovak Blogs
  • Martin Labaj: Recommendation and Collaboration Based on Implicit Feedback in Web-Based Learning
  • Vladimír Mihál: Relations Discovering in Educational Texts based on User Created Annotations
  • Karol Rástočný: Semantic Web Navigation Based on Adaptive Views
  • Róber Móro,Ivan Srba,Maroš Unčík: The Role of Tags in Personalized Web-Based Learning 2.0

Doctoral students

  • Dušan Zeleník: An Approach to Context Aware Event Reminding
  • Jakub Šimko: Augmenting Lightweight Semantics
  • Tomáš Kramár: Detecting Search Sessions Using Document Metadata and Implicit Feedback
  • Marián Šimko: Hybrid Approach to Automated Domain Model Creation for Adaptive Social Learning System
  • Ján Suchal: Improving News Recommendations with Implicit Negative Feedback
  • Michal Holub: Information Integration in the Domain of News Articles
  • Michal Kompan: News Articles Classification Based on Vector Representation Including Words’ Collocations