More accepted papers to Autumn 2014 and Winter 2015 Scientific Conferences and Workshops


  • Ivan Srba and Mária Bieliková: Discovering Educational Potential Embedded in Community Question Answering. EKM@EKAW 2014
  • Juraj Višňovský, Ondrej Kaššák, Michal Kompan, and Mária Bieliková: The Cold-start Problem: Minimal Users’ Activity Estimation. RecSysTV@RecSys 2014
  • Róbert Móro, Roman Burger, and Mária Bieliková: Facet Tree for Personalized Web Documents Organization. WISE 2014
  • Richard Filipčík and Mária Bieliková: Motivating Learners by Dynamic Score and Personalized Activity Stream. SMAP 2014
  • Jakub Ševcech and Mária Bieliková: User’s Interest Detection Through Eye Tracking for Related Documents Retrieval. SMAP 2014
  • Martin Konôpka and Mária Bieliková: Software Developer Activity as a Source for Identifying Hidden Source Code Dependencies. SOFSEM 2015 – Software & Web Engineering Track
  • Martin Labaj and Mária Bieliková: Software Conducting a Web Browsing Behaviour Study – An Educational Scenario. SOFSEM 2015 – Data, Information and Knowledge Engineering
  • Michal Holub, Ondrej Proksa and Mária Bieliková: Detecting Identical Entities in the Semantic Web Data. SOFSEM 2015 – Data, Information and Knowledge Engineering