Workshop with Professor Andrew Duchowski

On the 27th February our faculty was visited by Professor Duchowski from Clemson University, South Carolina. He was the main guest of a special workshop dedicated to data evaluation in eye-tracking.

Workshop was conducted with the participation of Professor Mária Bieliková, several doctors and students at all three levels of study. It consisted of Prof. Duchowski´s presentations which were supplemented by discussions.

With Professor, we debated about:

  • practices of data processing in eye tracking – Professor emphasised the benefits of self-made data processing implementation because of it’s good reportability.
  • gaze visualization not only as a tool for reporting, but also as a fundamental tool in data evaluation procedure (e.g. sanity checks)
  • possibilities of post-hoc “corrections” of eye tracking data in cases when we can identify systematic error
  • visualizations of transitions between areas of interest using the transition matrix
  • Ambient / Focal coefficient that indicates how much focused the user appears to be during certain fixation
  • potential of measuring pupillary dilation measurements for determining of the user´s cognitive load.

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And what was the benefits for our students?

Michal Hucko

“Professor´s speech was very interesting and because I´m novice at this area. It was really useful for me, especially the parts, where I could see how eye tracking´s data look like and also the parts about processing of these data. These information will help me significantly in my work on my bachelor project. Moreover, professor Duchowski is a very nice person, who made the lectures very intriguing.”

Tomáš Matlovič

“I really enjoyed the meeting with Professor Duchowski, although I had impression that some parts were too expert-level for bachelor students. But that was maybe because I didn’t have any experience with eye tracker so far. We have seen that Professor has extensive practical experiences, which were reflected in the content of his lectures.
I gained some practical knowledge, like what to watch out for in data collection during the experiment, what to focus on or how to deal with data visualization. Overall, I evaluate this workshop very positively.”