Detecting users’ curiosity

The characteristics of an information system’s user can be very valuable information that can be used in improving the system’s usability and personalization. Depending on the user’s personality, mood or interests, his behavior can be predicted.
The focus of my work is to reveal the users’ curiosity by analyzing their behavior on a web page, concretely on an e-shop website. A questionnaire that determinates the users’ curiosity will be send to e-shop users and according to their answers a classification of two groups will be defined: group of curios and group of uncurious users. Their web activity logs will be in disposal, so these data are going to be analyzed, and from them the best features that could possibly predict the curiosity, would be extracted. A classification implementation method that will predict the users’ curiosity, based on their web activity log is going to be implemented.
The achievement results are going to be verified by using appropriate eye-tracking measures. This would result in possible revelation of the users’ curiosity in real time by using eye tracking data as well.