Personalized Recommendation Taking into Account Visual Impacts

Recommender system is important part of the web nowadays. Amount of information on the web is just unsearchable and to find useful informations and keep track about interesting topic is too time consuming. Well placed and selected recommendations can improve user experience which often transforms into the revenue.
Lists of results generated by recommenders are often accompanied with graphical elements such as images. These elements and their attributes in some domains significantly influence user preferences. Despite state-of-the-art approaches are focused on processing textual content of items, or observing and modeling behavioral relationships and interactions between users, they ignore graphical elements.
In our work we aim at proposing novel method for recommendation which takes into account the influence of graphical elements and analyze its viability.
We decided to use this method to recommend hotels. This domain have some specific problems like not enough data for individual users but also there are plenty of images for individual hotels. We believe that using our method we can ease problem with data.