User experience improvement based on implicit feedback

Critical factor for an application success is an intuitive user interface. We live in time of constant change as new applications or new functionality of existing ones are created. The user has to often adapt for this alternation. Applications often offer a tutorial tool, which helps the user and guides him through a task step by step. In spite of user friendly interfaces, guides and tutorials, the user can find himself in undesirable affects, as he does not know how to progress next, he is frustrated or confused.
The identification of those affects and proper reaction is challenging issue, which is swayed not only by application design, but also by his level of proficiency and his actual intent, which we do not know. By interception of those situations, their identification and appropriate reaction we should essentialy improve a product’s usability.
In this work, we focus on intrusionless tracking of user’s implicit and explicit feedback. We aim to make model of confusion and related affects. We would like to refine guide and tutorials.