Analysis of fake news reader’s view behaviour

Since fake news overwhelm the public online space more than ever before and manipulate the minds and opinions of people, it is necessary to understand these messages and know how to detect them. The aim of this work is to reveal the features of fake news by the eye-tracking technique. We want to investigate the behaviour of users when reading true and fake news. Next sentence serves us as a basis: “Everyone wants to read about things that confirm his point of view”. 

We decided to prepare an experiment in which we provide the participants with articles that are in line with their opinion and the ones that are in opposite. The articles could be both true and false. The important thing is that participants will have no clue what is the experiment really about.

After the experiment all participants fill in a questionnaire to determine their opinion on selected themes and rate of interest about that themes. The questionnaire also helps us to define which articles are in line with the conviction of the participant and which against it. Afterwards we will verify differences in behaviour of participants from collected data.