Analysis of gaze patterns based on user interaction in navigation tasks

User behaviour is influenced by his skill and familiarity with the environment. Information about user skill can contribute to automatic detection of usability issues. Research of user skill is also conducted in the area of web navigation.

From the user’s gaze, we can learn how a user searches for information and what affects his actions and decisions during the process. From the measured data, different gaze metrics can be obtained, such as the fixations count or the duration of fixations. The gaze can be interpreted as saccadas, which allows us to examine the gaze patterns. User interaction itself can be examined on prepared stimuli. Examples are websites where the user performs web navigation tasks.

The work analyses the possibilities of examining user skills at the level of gaze patterns. We focus on Web navigation skill. We have gaze data from 110 participants. We are working on method of analysing and processing the data collected to extract patterns and then classifying the user’s skill level.