Discovery of gaze patterns in navigational tasks on the Web

Nowadays, the use of the Web has become an everyday activity of almost every person in the world. Their most popular actions include searching for information, which they complete on so-called web search engines. However, their behavior during interactions with these resources can be affected in several ways. There are various efforts that try to understand, also to describe the behavior of users on the Web at the same time.

One possible way of observing is to use a gaze tracking device to get valuable information about the interaction of users on the Web. For this purpose, eye-tracking methodology can be used, which is increasingly used for such types of observation. The information obtained by this tool allows us to determine different patterns of behavior based on user properties or also based on the situation on the Web.

The aim of this work is to understand the behavior of users when performing navigational tasks on the Web, also to determine how their behavior can be influenced while interacting with the browser. It also aims to suggest a solution for information gaining from user interaction and then perform analysis on a diverse sample of users for this type of solution.