Program 2017/2018

21.9.2016, -1.57 » PeWe Seminar

  • Mária Bieliková: Autumn Semester Kick Off
  • PeWe Core Members: Member Benefits – member restricted access
  • Introduction to PeWe specialized research groups
    • Ivan Srba et al.: Datalys
    • Jozef Tvarožek et al.: UXI
    • Peter Lacko et al.: NN

27-31.8. 2017, Como, Italy » RecSys 2017, Photos

  • Educational Question Routing in Online Student Communities
    by Jakub Macina, Ivan Srba, Joseph Jay Williams and Maria Bielikova – Full paper at RecSys
  • Beyond User Preferences: The Short-Term Behaviour Modelling
    by Michal Kompan, Ondrej Kaššák and Maria Bielikova – Paper at RecTemp Workshop

20-24.8. 2017, Wuppertal, Germany » ECEM 2017

  • Infrastructure and Methodology for Group Studies in Multiple Eye Trackers Laboratory
    by Martin Konopka, Robert Moro, Peter Demcak, Patrik Hlavac, Jozef Tvarozek, Jakub Simko, Eduard Kuric, Pavol Navrat and Maria Bielikova
  • Robust Recording of Program Comprehension Studies with Eye Tracking for Repeatable Analysis and Replay
    by Jozef Tvarozek, Martin Konopka, Jakub Hucko, Pavol Navrat and Maria Bielikova

9-12.7. 2017, FIIT STU » UMAP 2017

  • Behavioral Patterns Mining for Online Time Personalization
    by Tomas Chovanak, Ondrej Kassak, Maria Bielikova, Extended Abstract
  • Experiences Using an Interactive Presentation Platform in a Functional and Logic Programming Course
    by Vasileios Triglianos, Martin Labaj, Robert Moro, Jakub Simko, Michal Hucko, Jozef Tvarozek, Cesare Pautasso, Maria Bielikova – PALE 2017 workshop

9-10.7. 2017, FIIT STU » SMAP 2017

  • Sentiment Analysis of Social Network Posts in Slovak Language
    by Rastislav Krchňavý and Marián Šimko
  • Visual Pollution Localization through Crowdsourcing and Visual Similarity Clustering
    by Zuzana Kucharikova and Jakub Simko
  • Detecting Genuinely Read Parts of Web Documents
    by Patrik Hlaváč and Marián Šimko
  • Towards Adaptive Brain-Computer Interfaces: Improving Accuracy of Detection of Event-Related Potentials
    by Robert Moro, Patrik Berger and Maria Bielikova