UXI@PeWe Group Seminars 2018/2019

24.4.2019, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

    • Marketa Beitlova: Eye-tracking for comparison of map reading strategies

In the presentation, the audience will be acquainted with the topic of the dissertation “Comparison of reading maps of school atlases by a teacher and his student”. In this work, reading strategies of maps from school atlases will be compared using eye-tracking. In the second part of the presentation, the results of a study aimed at the comparison of map reading strategies by a common reader and the author of the map will be presented.

17.4.2019, 2.06 » IIT.SRC 2019

Everyone is invited to meet Professor Michel Chaudron (Chalmers & Gothenborg University, Sweden) – a researcher who focuses on how to design large software systems. His invited talk on Empirical Studies into the Effectiveness of Modelling in Software Design will open the Student research conference.

9.4.2019, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

The aim of the presentation is to introduce eye-tracking experiments focused on the evaluation and optimization of cartographic outputs – maps. The Department of Geoinformatics UPOL is using eye-tracking in cognitive cartography since 2011 and more than 50 experiments have been carried out. Experiments focused on the evaluation of maps, urban plans, 3D visualizations will be presented, as well as experiments dealing with interactive computer games or evaluation of tourist maps using eye-tracking glasses. In addition, advanced eye-tracking data analysis and visualization methods will be presented and conversion tools for converting data to OGAMA and V-Analytics will be introduced. The main focus will be given to the ScanGraph application designed to find similar stimulus reading strategies.

3.4.2019, 2.06,1.40 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

  • Filip Loja: Flashlight experiment: progress so far
  • Petra Pavlíčková, Pavel Krejčí: Design thinking and customer interviews (begins at 14:15 in room 1.40)

27.3.2019, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

20.3.2019, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

  • Jozef Tvarozek: Cognitive testing: theory, practice and research directions

13.3.2019, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

6.3.2019, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

  • Adrián Nagy: Automatized real time user experience evaluation on the Web
  • Miloš Smetana: The relationship between hesitation identified by mouse movements and user’s emotions
  • Martin Konôpka: Practical demonstration to UXR infrastructure  (for all interested after the seminar)

27.2.2019, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

20.2.2019, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

5.12.2018, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

  • [Notice] Jakub Šimko: CHI conference and progress with our Fake news experiment
  • [Brainstorming] Lukáš Rešutík: Instruction adherence detection
  • [Brainstorming] Marek Krátky: Identifying congitive characterists using eyetracking
  • [Brainstorming] Vladimír Dzurilla: Analysis of program debugging using eyetracking

28.11.2018, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

  • [Brainstorming] Martin Civáň: Re-fubrishing an existing eye-tracking data visualization tool
  • [Reading] Jakub Šimko: Eye-tracking and machine learning

21.11.2018, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

14.11.2018, -1.58, 12:45 » PeWe Seminar

  • Michal Grňo a Viktor Gregor (Pixel Federation): Games, Data and Marketing – on the way to automation

8.11.2018, -1.58 » World Usability Day Slovakia 2018

  • Jakub Šimko: Do follow user study participants instructions?

7.11.2018, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

  • [Brainstorming] Peter Bakoš: Screen recording segmentation for AOI analysis support
  • [Brainstorming] Dominik Štefanička: An eye-tracking study in educational system AVW Space
  • [Brainstorming] Michal Melúch: Identification of subjective complexity and comprehension factors of digital text
  • [Brainstorming] Vladimír Kuchár: Automatic text comprehension detection

24.10.2018, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

17.10.2018, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

10.10.2018, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

3.10.2018, -1.58, 12:45 » PeWe Seminar

26.9.2018, 2.06 » UXI@PeWe Seminar

19.9.2018, -1.58, 12:45 » PeWe Seminar