Program 2011/2012

23.-27.7.2012 » ICWE 2012

  • Karol Rástočný, Mária Bieliková: Human and Machine Metadata over the Web Content Maintenance. Doctoral Consortium.

6-11.7.2012 » Imagine Cup WorldWide Finals, Sydney Photos

  • Ľuboš Demovič, Martin Konôpka, Marek Láni, Michal Tomlein: Team OwNet – competitors
  • Michal Barla: Team OwNet – supervisor
  • Mária Bieliková: Software Design Category – judge


19.6.2012 » Bachelor Theses Defence, D220

  • Ľuboš Demovič: Innovative Application for the International Competition
  • Peter Dulačka: Metadata and Semantics Acquisition via Games with a Purpose
  • Eduard Fritscher: Educational Content Recommendation Based on Collaborative Filtering
  • Tomáš Jendek: Gathering Contextual Information on User
  • Martin Konôpka: Innovative Application for the International Competition
  • Jakub Kříž: Collecting Implicit Feedback for the Purposes of a Search Engine
  • Ondrej Kaššák: Named Entity Extraction for Slovak Language
  • Marek Kišš: Metadata and Semantics Acquisition via Games with a Purpose
  • Marek Láni: Innovative Application for the International Competition
  • Andrea Šteňová: Feedback Acquisition from Webpage Visitors
  • Michal Tomlein: Innovative Application for the International Competition
  • Ján Trebuľa: Group Recommendation Based on Voting
  • Juraj Višnovský: Discovering Rituals of the Web User

14-15.6.2012 » TP CUP Semifinals, Finals

Statistical TranslatorMove2PlayPlagiarism detectionGame DesignMobile GameVirtual FIIT

13.6.2012 » Dissertation Project II Defence, 13:00, D220

  • Eduard Kuric: Personalized Search in Source Code
  • Martin Labaj: Utilizing User Feedback for Personalized Recommendation
  • Karol Rástočný: Metadata Maintenance within Heterogeneous Web Content

6-7.6.2012 » Master Theses Defence

6.6.2012 – Software Engineering Study Programme

7.6.2012 – Information Systems Study Programme

9.5.2012 » Seminar 10:45 – Season Finale

Visions (diploma projects started this semester)

2.5.2012 » Seminar

25.4.2012 » IIT.SRC 2012 Photos

Keith G. Jeffery: The Challenges in ICT: Debunking the Hype

jeffery_pozvanka_2012-04-25_300Bachelor Degree Program Students

Master Degree Program Students

Doctoral Degree Program Students

18.4.2012 » TechDays14:00 – Imagine Cup 2012 – Slovakia Finals, Software Design Category
ownet03 ownet04 ownet01

12.4.2012 » GTUG Meetup – 17:00, DE 150

  • Marián Halás: PhoneGAP
  • Rišo Mihalovič: Android and Appengine
  • Peter Sloboda: Responsive Web

11.4.2012 » Seminar on Evaluations (finishing master projects)

4.4.2012 » UISI FIIT & Google – 14:30, BC300

4.4.2012 » Seminar on Evaluations (finishing master projects)

1.4.2012 » 11th PeWe Ontožúr, Chata Univerzitka, Modra Harmónia Photos

  • Playing with large data sets
  • The most brilliant research ideas
  • Imagine Cup
  • SeBeFood, Drinks, Discussions, Celebrations and much more…

ontozur2012-04_04r ontozur2012-04_03r ontozur2012-04_02r

30.3.2012 » Dissertation defence – 11:00 (photos)

  • Marián Šimko: Automated Acquisition of Domain Model for Adaptive Collaborative Web-Based Learning

phd2012-03c phd2012-03a phd2012-03b

28.3.2012 » Seminar

27.3.2012 » Pre-Dissertation defence – 12:00

  • Marián Šimko: Automated Acquisition of Domain Model for Adaptive Collaborative Web-Based Learning

21.3.2012 » Seminar

14.3.2012 » Seminar

7.3.2012 » Seminar

29.2.2012 » Seminar – 10:45

22.2.2012 » Seminar

15.2.2012 » SeminarMaria Bielikova: Spring semester kick off

8.-12.2.2012 » WSDC 2012@WSDM 2012

  • Tomáš Kramár, Mária Bieliková: Detecting Search Sessions Using Document Metadata and Implicit Feedback

1.-4.2.2012 » HEALTHINF 2012

  • Michal Tomlein, Pavol Bielik, Peter Krátky, Štefan Mitrík, Michal Barla, Mária Bieliková. Advanced pedometer for smartphone-based activity tracking.

28.-30.1.2012 » IHI 2012 Photos

  • Pavol Bielik, Michal Tomlein, Peter Krátky, Štefan Mitrík, Michal Barla, Mária Bieliková. Move2Play: An Innovative Approach to Encouraging People to Be More Physically Active.

21.-27.1.2012 » SOFSEM 2012

  • Tomáš Majer, Marián Šimko. Leveraging Microblogs for Resource Ranking.
  • Martin Jačala, Jozef Tvarožek. Named Entity Disambiguation Based on Explicit Semantics.

18-19.1.2012 » Diploma project II presentation

18.1.2012, 9:00, D220

19.1.2012, 9:00, D124

  • Tomáš Háber: Recommendation Based on Temporal Information
  • Stanislav Valachovič: Method for Recommendation in Large Data Sets

7.12.2011 » Seminar – 8:45 – starting in time is important

Day after Saint Nicholas PeWe Celebration

Diploma Projects Proposals

* * * *

* * * *

1.-2.12.2011 » SMAP 2011

  • Mária Bieliková, Eduard Kuric. Automatic image annotation using global and local features.
  • Jakub Šimko, Mária Bieliková. Games with a purpose: User-generated valid metadata for personal archives.

8.12.2011 » SMART distributed system – hands on session for registered participants

handson-002r handson-004r

24.-25.11.2011 » WIKT 2011 Photos


  • Mária Bieliková, Pavol Návrat, Michal Barla, Jozef Tvarozek, Michal Tvarožek. Collaborative Programming
  • Pavol Návrat, Mária Bieliková, Michal Barla, Jozef Tvarozek and Michal Tvarožek. From Surfing to Personalized Travelling in a Digital Space

Research Contributions

  • Marián Šimko, Mária Bieliková. Automatic Discovery of Hierarchical Relationships for Educational Content Semantic Description
  • Martin Labaj, Mária Bieliková. Identification of Interesting Content Fragments based on Implicit Feedback
  • Karol Rástočný, Mária Bieliková. Search Engine Results Visualization
  • Eduard Kuric, Mária Bieliková. Automatic Acquisition of Image Annotations for Improving Information Processing on the Web

Doctoral Session

23.11.2011 » Seminar

16.11.2011 » Seminar

9.11.2011 » Seminar

5.-8.11.2011 » WWW/Internet 2011 Photos

  • Mária Bieliková: Lightweight Semantics for the “Wild Web” – Keynote

2.11.2011 » Seminar

26.10.2011 » Seminar

23.10.2011 » 10th PeWe Ontožúr, Chata Univerzitka, Modra Harmónia Photos

  • Research Projects
  • Evaluation Methods
  • Hands On Tutorials: Text Mining, Web Mining, Clustering, Classification
  • SeBe Invited Talk and WorkshopFood, Drinks, Discussions, Celebrations and much more…

ontozur2011-10_01r ontozur2011-10_02r ontozur2011-10_06r

21.10.2011 » ACM SPY 2011 Finals, Prague Photos

  • Pavol Bielik: 1st Place, Bachelor Category
  • Martin Labaj: 4th Place, Master Category
  • Karol Rástočný: 5th Place, Master Category

acm-spy2011-palo acm-spy2011-karol acm-spy2011-martin


9.10.2011 » Seminar

16.-18.10.2011 » DATAKON 2011


12.10.2011 » Seminar

5.10.2011 » Seminar

  • Ľuboš Demovič, Martin Konôpka, Marek Láni, Matúš Tomlein: Imagine Cup – Software Design Project Proposal
  • Roman Burger, Martin Džúr, Peter Meliško, Balázs Nagy: Imagine Cup – Game Design Project Proposal
  • Michal Holub: LinkedData

28.9.2011 » Seminar

23.9. 2011 » PeWe at the Researchers’ Night 2011

  • Michal Holub, Ivan Srba, Dušan Zeleník: Power of the new Web
  • Jakub Šimko, Michal Kompan, Balász Nagy: Play for the better Web
  • Pavol Bielik, Peter Krátky, Štefan Mitrík, Michal Tomlein: Move2Play: A step for your health
  • Eduard Kuric, Vladimír Mihál, Karol Rástočný: The Green Game: More Green More Fun

21.9.2011 » Seminar

21.-23.9.2011 » ICL 2011

  • Vladimír Mihál, Mária Bieliková: Domain Model Relations Discovering in Educational Texts based on User Created Annotations.

1.-3.9.2011 » S3T 2011

  • Michal Kompan, Mária Bieliková: News Article Classification Based on a Vector Representation Including Words’ Collocations.

22.-27.8.2011 » Web Intelligence 2011 Photos

  • Jakub Ševcech, Mária Bieliková: Automatic Annotation of Non-English Web Content. Int. Workshop on Web Information Retrieval Support Systems.
  • Karol Rástočný, Michal Tvarožek, Mária Bieliková: Supporting Search Result Browsing and Exploration via Cluster-based Views and Zoom-based navigation. Int. Workshop on Web Information Retrieval Support Systems.
  • Róbert Móro, Ivan Srba, Maroš Unčík, Mária Bieliková, Marián Šimko: Towards Collaborative Metadata Enrichment for Adaptive Web-Based Learning. Int. Workshop on Computational Social Networks.

11.-15.7.2011 » UMAP 2011

  • Tomáš Kramár, Mária Bieliková: Towards Contextual Search: Metadata Based Interest Modeling Leveraging Activity Based Social Network, Short Contexts and Multiple Personas. Doctoral Consortium.
  • Tomáš Kramár, Michal Barla and Mária Bieliková: PeWeProxy: A Platform for Ubiquitous Personalization of the “Wild” Web. Demo.

8.-13.7.2011 » Imagine Cup 2011 Photos

  • Quegee Team (Eduard Kuric, Vladimír Mihál, Karol Rástočný, mentor Michal Tvarožek): The Green Game.


28.-30.6.2011 » ISMIS 2011

  • Michal Barla, Mária Bieliková, Anton Benčič and Márius Šajgalík: An Approach to Intelligent Interactive Social Network Geo Mapping.

27.6.-1.7.2011 » ED-MEDIA 2011

  • Jozef Tvarožek, Mária Bieliková: Wizard-of-Oz-Driven Bootstrapping of a Socially Intelligent.
  • Marián Šimko, Michal Barla, Vladimír Mihál, Maroš Unčík, Mária Bieliková: Supporting Collaborative Web-based Education via Annotations. OUTSTANDING PAPER AWARD.

ed-media-award2011as ed-media-award2011bs

6.-9.6.2011 » HT 2011

  • Jakub Šimko, Michal Tvarožek, Mária Bieliková: Little Search Game: Term Network Acquisition via a Human Computation Game.

16.-17.6.2011 » CompSysTech 2011

  • Milan Lučanský, Marián Šimko, Mária Bieliková: Enhancing Automatic Term Recognition Algorithms with HTML Tags Processing.


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